308/365 – Thank you

By: paulajamieson

Nov 04 2010

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 1000D

This was the beautiful ‘thank you’ flowers I received from our group of Cluster Lead teachers this morning.

Had a Ulearn Clustershare event after school today with almost 80 teachers present (40 of whom ran a ten minute sharing session on a Ulearn highlight that they have taken back to their classroom) and then on to RAIN (our local watering hole) for a couple of drinks to reflect on the last 3 years (our only celebration), sadly only 17 of the 100+ teachers chose to come but I guess that is another sign of the ‘busyness’ of things at this time of year……



3 comments on “308/365 – Thank you”

  1. Getting eighty teachers to turn up after school was pretty impressive stuff.

    We are having our sharing session next Saturday morning. We have twenty put their names down so far!



  2. We have an ‘expectation’ that ALL staff attend. It has worked very well over the years will all feedback always being 100% positive. We have one a term in terms 2, 3 and 4 (term 4’s being those that have attemded Ulearn sharing back). Usually 4 or 5 from each of our 5 schools (and sometimes kids) share in 5 rounds (eg each school has a ‘station’ – which is just a big screen Mac on a small round table and a cluster of chairs around it) We hold it in one of our halls (the school that has 100% reliable fast interet and a technician on staff). I display the ‘timetable’ (which I email out 2 weeks earlier for those that like to see it) on the data projector and staff make choices. I tried to put a ‘snapshot’ of each together to put online put this never worked (I maybe should have tried harder on reflection).


  3. Would have loved to come for a drink but sadly had another event on 😦 another time for sure!


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