209/365 – Made for Walkin…..

By: paulajamieson

Jul 28 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:8 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 1000D

Spent time cleaning, polishing and sortin my boots tonight. Then took photo’s of them in their boxes – going to laminate them then stick them to the outside so I can easily ‘see’ what’s inside!

p.s. Added 3 new pairs to the group this week – couldn’t resist the 50 to 80% off sales! Will put them away for next winter……well that’s the theory.

Couldn’t resist trying to get a creative shot. I took this on a really slow shutter speed…..I kinda like the mystique look of the ‘swirling’ light.


3 comments on “209/365 – Made for Walkin…..”

  1. Three in a week! Brilliant.

    Good to know someone’s keeping the NZ economy going.


  2. Well actually……funny story….I bought two in one day, got home and changed my my mind about one, took it back the next day to change them but somehow came home with two pairs! Took hubby with me and he did the usual (he’s a ‘deals’ kinda man)……I couldn’t choose between two and he said “Guess if she was to buy both of them she’d get an amazing deal”. So technically it wasn’t MY fault…..I just had to buy them after that! lol


  3. I like the mixture of sharpness and blurryness! (if there is such a word)


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